About us

How on earth should be chosen partner for developing and refining its web-based solutions? How does one find someone standing on the client side from day one and who want to cooperate actively in order to get the desired result as quickly and economically as possible?

We believe that one should seek answers to the following questions:

• Is there smådriftsfördelar searching – our project will get the attention and care it deserves, and we become a little project in a large factory?

• Parts we and our contractors an idea of ​​elegance and simplicity? To make it work, supporting most but we will fånfga up the possible features of the work?

• Will the project that was easily accessible and be able to reply on crucial issues?

• Can you trust that they can keep their contacts during the project?

• Will you be in good company and utilizes supplier experience from other customers.


We at Conevo enjoys working closely with our customers. Our solutions must be both elegant and affordable for us to feel satisfied. We are delighted when we can cooperate also with external designers and consultants. It is the customer who decides.

We have our own company in India, with about twenty employees, more than ten years and therefore knows how to best exploit the production team. These highly qualified development engineers have in turn learned what Swedish clients demand. In order to coordinate our work we use SCRUM as applicable.

We want to offer our customers a broad range of skills and a partner that handles all web queries from simple web presentations and applications for e-commerce solutions.

As the name says it wants solid partner to create long-term relationships with our customers and be there when your business develops and grows. We are very proud to have some customers who we have worked with for almost 15 years.

Conevo was founded in 1997, We then have 3 years the highest credit rating, AAA.

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